Friday, 20 May 2016

Who's Who

David Haigh – Houghton and Tyrone. Author of Blog. Lives Melbourne
Rosie Izard – Houghton and Tyrone. David Haigh’s GF. Deceased UK 2014
David & Gayle – Houghton. Editor of Communal House newsletter. Later edited by Pat Myhill.
Carol – Houghton
Dieter – Houghton
Peter – (photographer) Houghton

Joshua – House boy

“Chuck” Sharpe (6’6” crane mechanic) and girlfriend Viv – early Tyrone
Len Taylor and Colin (Londoners) – early Tyrone
Chris Pond – early Tyrone
Graham Fisher (ex-Rhodesian) – early Tyrone. Lives Fremantle, WA
Norman & Geraldine (cockneys) – early Tyrone

Eva Schweitzer – early Tyrone. Swiss. 
Bryan Wasserman (ex-Rhodesian) – Tyrone. Deceased Joburg approx. 2003
Mike Sterne – Tyrone. Married Belinda (Rachan). Lives Perth, WA

Chris Burgess – Friend of Mike S. and Johnno
David Forrest – Tyrone. Lives Lake District UK
John and Michele Shanahan – Tyrone. John ex A.C. Nielson. Married. Sydney
Nick O’Keefe – Tyrone
Dawn Breary – Tyrone

Brian Gallagher – Dawn's BF. They later married 
Marlene Blomerus – Tyrone. Lives Joburg

Janus Blomerus – Marlene's brother. Lives Calgary, Canada
Johnno – Tyrone and La Lucia, Durban. Married. Lives Geelong, Victoria
Sarah Evans – Johnno’s GF.
Paul Overton – Tyrone. Deceased Brighton, UK approx. 1990

Pat Myhill – Tyrone, MilnerLoo &Jubilee Rd. Paul Overton’s GF. Lives Ramsgate, nr Durban
Tony – Bryan Wasserman’s brother. Deceased London, UK mid-1980’s

Yvonne Reynolds – Bryan W's GF. Lives Saskatoon, Canada
Sally-Ann Dawson – Bryan W’s GF. Lives Kenton, Eastern Cape

Maggie – Tyrone. Deceased Joburg 2014
Bryan Bourke – Maggie's BF. Lives Perth
Steve Hoppe – Tyrone

Carol – Tyrone
Deere – Cook/maid, and Josiah – Matabele gardener

Belinda – Rachan. Married Mike Sterne. Lives Perth
Dan Archer – Rachan. Deceased Capetown 2013
Chris Little and Marilyn – Rachan. Now married, Joburg

Redmond – Rachan
Ray Ninow – Rachan. Lives Auckland

Other Houses
Brian Turner – Milner Loo. Married Charmaine (Gasworks). Lives Durban
Peggy-Ann Mist – Milner loo
Elsbeth Tilly – Milner Loo. Ken Bell's GF
Ken Bell, Charlene, Bruce Bain and Patti – Milner Loo
Alec Spiller – Gasworks. Lives Sydney
Malcolm – Gasworks
Charmaine – Gasworks. Married Brian Turner (Milner Loo). Lives Durban
David Tranter – Gasworks. Canadian. Peggy Mist's BF.
Peter Robinson – Roman
Dave – Roman
Nat – Roman
Paul Matheson
Len Bolton – Square One. Married Pat Myhill, later divorced
Chris Helm – Square One
Mac Glaser – Square One
Rex Devereaux – Kiwi Estate

John and Sue Parkes - edited the Communal House newsletter before Pat Myhill.
Alison Laing – Hyde Park. Mac Glaser's GF. Pat Myhill moved in with Alison after Tyrone

Julia Clements and Gayle – Cyril’s Six
Lucy Kenna (Freks) – Gail Road
Trevor Johns – East Street
Roger Savage – 'Savages' and Cumberland Castle
Helena – Rosebank
John Metcalfe - Parktown
Yvonne Hoy – Lives Johannesburg
Merlin Grant – ex A.C. Nielson. Lives Johannesburg
Cliff MacGregor – ex A.C. Nielson. Lives Cape Town
Mike Gorton – ex A.C. Nielson (MD). Lives UK
Mary Lion – Florence Nightingale Hospital
Peter Knot and Tony – Jubilee Road
Annie – Jubilee Road
John Spurgeon – Buccleuch
Alan and Les Henley-Barker – La Lucia, Durban. Alan died Sydney 2013
Gerry and Julie Barker – La Lucia, Durban. Now married, Perth
Leah – Gardens suburb, Cape Town

OK Stores, Commissioner St., Joburg
Taffy Hewson – Director (played rugby for South Africa)
Paul – DP Manager
Jenny  Charters – Sec to Paul, DP Manager (also at Sox, Bedfordview)
David Swanson – Computer Programmer
Derek – Systems Analyst Manager
Peter – Operations Manager

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